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Associate Photography Program

If you love the quality and editing style of Zoe Life Photography but you have a small photographer budget, then the Associate Photographer program is perfect for you! The Associate program is also great if you love our images, but Zoe is already booked on your wedding date or if you only need wedding coverage for a few hours. You will still receive all the benefits that come with the Zoe Life Photography brand, including customized pre-wedding planning assistance, excellent customer service, and beautiful images that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.

When you book an Associate package, you’ll still work with Zoe every step of the way (from your initial consultation to pre-wedding communication to creating a timeline to editing your photos after your engagement session and wedding), but our associate photographer will be the one who photographs your engagement session and/or wedding.

With the associate program, the look and feel of your photographs will be similar to Zoe’s own photographs.

Associate Photographer Packages include hand-editing of all delivered images, an online gallery (where you can view your images, order professional prints, and download high-resolution images), and a print release. 

Associate pricing starts at $1,200.


• 3 hours coverage
• 1 photographer
• Online gallery
• Print release

Additional hours of coverage - $300/hour

Add an engagement session to this package for $250.

STL Wedding Photography


• 6 hours coverage
• 1 photographer
• Engagement session
• Online gallery
• Print release

Additional hours of coverage - $300/hour

Add a second shooter - $100/hour

STL Wedding Photography


• 8 hours coverage
• 2 photographers
• Engagement session
• Online gallery
• Print release

Additional hours of coverage - $300/hour



• Additional hours of photography coverage is $300/hr
• Add a Second shooter for $100 per hour

• Add 8×8 Signature Wedding Book for $300
• Add 10×10 Signature Wedding Book for $375
• Add 12×12 Signature Wedding Book for $425

• Add 8×8 Heirloom Wedding Album for $1,100
• Add 10×10 Heirloom Wedding Album for $1,300
• Add 12×12 Heirloom Wedding Album for $1,600
• Add15x10 Heirloom Wedding Album for $1,900

Other album sizes are available. Contact me for details.

Photographic prints and canvas gallery wraps are available for individual purchase directly through the online gallery. Prints are available on your choice of Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper, Metallic Paper, and Fuji Crystal Archive Deep Matte Paper. 

A 30% retainer + signed contract is due to reserve your wedding date.


Your wedding photographs should be printed and enjoyed for many years to come. Digital files can become lost over the years, and USBs can fail or get misplaced. That's why I love designing and creating Heirloom Wedding Books and Albums for my brides with their favorite wedding moments.

Available in a variety of sizes - from 5x5 to 12x12, Heirloom Books and Albums are absolutely beautiful, lay flat, and are available in many types of linens, leathers, and more.

book binding2
Rectangles_0001_Layer 1
heirloom albums


The Heirloom Wedding Album is handcrafted and made of premium materials. You have 40+ cover options including genuine Italian Leathers, Linens, Cameos, Metal, Wood, and more. The pages of an album are thicker (0.03 to 0.06 inches) and printed on beautiful, glossy photographic paper. It’s a superior quality product and is more expensive to produce. When stored properly, Heirloom Albums can last for 100+ years. They are meant to be passed down through the generations.

The Signature Wedding Book is the more budget-friendly option. Wedding books have a simplified construction with thinner pages (0.02 inches). It’s available in 20 cover options, including faux leathers, bonded leather, linens, and softcovers. They are press printed on card stock paper and the pages are not mounted.


Framed Prints

Available from 4×6 to 20×30 in size in 24 frame options, including including wood, walnut, metal, and gold.  Prices start at $200.

Wood Print Box + USB + Prints

• Wood Print Box with 16GB USB and 30 prints (4×6) – $300

• Wood Print Box with 16GB USB and 30 prints (5×7) – $350

STL Wedding Photography
Tennessee Wedding Photographer


Joshua is our main associate photographer (as well as Zoe’s husband and business partner). He’s been working with Zoe Life Photography since 2017. When he isn’t photographing his own weddings, he second shoots with Zoe. His photography style is similar to Zoe’s. He shoots and poses you in the same ways that Zoe does. He is super fun to work with, and will capture all the best and candid moments of your wedding day. 

He grew up in Southern California and only moved to the Midwest to be with the love of his life. When Joshua isn’t photographing, he enjoys spending time with Zoe and his family, playing video games, and hanging out with friends. Joshua was also veterinary technician for 12 years and loves animals.


“ Josh was WONDERFUL. He was so fun and lighthearted, and he kept me smiling and laughing and relaxed. Honestly, he was a big part of what made the tone of our wedding day so pleasant. Our photos turned out beautifully! “


Joshua Headshot
STL Wedding Photographer
St. Louis Wedding Photographer



First, you’ll send us an email and inquire to see if your date is available. We book weddings on a first come, first served basis. All your email communication will go through Zoe. 

If our Associate Photographer is available on your wedding date, we will schedule either a phone consultation or an in-person meeting to learn about your love story and discuss your wedding photography needs.

If you prefer a phone consultation, you’ll speak directly with Zoe. If you chose to have an in-person consultation, you will meet with both Zoe and Josh to go over your wedding details.

To book your wedding date, we require a signed wedding photography contract and 30% retainer/deposit to reserve your date. 


Our Associate Photographer will photograph your wedding, and Zoe will do all the post-processing and editing work. 

About a month before your wedding, Zoe will email you a wedding day questionnaire, which goes over your timeline, requested shots, and family formal list. All of this information will be given to the Associate Photographer so that he can best photograph your wedding day in an organized manner. 

On your wedding day, the associate photographer will arrive at the Start Time you desired, and leave when the hourly coverage is up. (If you want him to stay extra, we will bill you after the wedding). 

After your wedding, the associate photographer will deliver the files to Zoe, and she will start editing your images. You will receive your wedding photos within 6-8 weeks after your wedding date (during the busy season, sooner during other months).


If you’d like to learn more about our Associate Photographer program, or if you want to check our availability and schedule a wedding consultation, contact us! We’d love to hear from you! 

(Please specify that you want to use an associate when sending us a message, or we won’t know that you’re interested in hiring an associate and not Zoe). 

We will respond within 1-2 business days! Look forward to speaking to you!