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St. Louis Wedding Photographer

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Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1948

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St. Louis Wedding Photographer

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St. Louis Wedding Photographer

Saint Louis Wedding Photographer_6756

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St. Louis Wedding Photographer

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Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1956

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1977

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Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1981

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Saint Louis Wedding Photographer_6751

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0850

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0837

Chaumette Barn Winery Wedding_6580

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0851

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1962

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0844

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0841

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Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1954

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Lafayette Square Park Engagement Session_0834

CJ Off the Square Wedding_3202

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1972

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1965

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Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1960

Tower Grove Park St Louis Portrait Photographer_5582

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1952

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1940

Crave Coffeehouse Wedding_1936

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CJ Off the Square Wedding_3210


If you want the Zoe Life Photography experience but you have a smaller budget for wedding photography, consider using our Associate Photographer program. Our Associate Photographers are talented and have been personally mentored by Zoe to capture all the special moments that naturally unfold on a wedding day. Browse these Associate Photographers galleries and see their work. 

With the associate program, the look and feel of your photographs will be similar to Zoe’s own photographs. Associate Photographer Packages start at $1,200.

St. Louis Lifestyle Family Session: The Hatchers

Covenant Presbyterian Church Wedding: Madeline & Charlie {by Josh}

Forest Park Engagement: Madeline and Charlie {by Josh}

St. Charles Ameristar Casino Wedding: Holly + Steven {by Josh}

Forest Park Surprise Proposal: Craig + Maggie {by Josh}

Marry Me Cottage Wedding: Teresa + Bart {by Josh}

Echo Bluff State Park Wedding: Shauna & Steph {by Josh}

Tower Grove Park & The Wild Carrot Wedding: Megan & Tommy {by Josh}

St. Charles Wedding: Becca & Mike {by Josh}

Josh’s 2018 Wedding Portfolio

Chaumette Barn Wedding: Hilary & Cody {by Josh}

Tower Grove Anniversary Session: Breanna & David {by Josh}


"We had Josh, one of Zoe's associates, photograph our wedding. He was WONDERFUL. He was so fun and lighthearted, and he kept me smiling and laughing and relaxed. Honestly, he was a big part of what made the tone of our wedding day so pleasant. Josh was great at directing us for poses. He went down the list of family photos quickly to keep things moving along. He had ideas in mind for where to take photos, but he was also fine when I came up with other ideas. Zoe was so easy to work with and VERY fast at responding to emails. Our photos turned out beautifully, and I love our album! Because Zoe asked for examples of what I liked before the wedding, I felt like she was willing to adapt to make sure we got what we wanted. Also, I felt like everything was reasonably priced, and my husband and I liked that we had the option of using an associate to lower costs. I definitely did NOT feel like we got less for our money because we used an associate photographer."

- Erica and John