Saint Peters MO Engagement Session_5347

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Southern California Desert Engagement

Nashville Engagement Photographer

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Percy Warner Park Engagement_2011

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Radnor Lake Engagement Session Nashville_1393

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Forest Park Engagement Session_1650

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Beach Engagement Session

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Forest Park Engagement Session_0006

Nashville Engagement Photographer

Saint Peters MO Engagement Session_5349

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Saint Louis Engagement Photographer

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Forest Park Engagement Session_1642

Nashvile Percy Warner Park Engagement Session_2031

Saint Peters MO Engagement Session_5335

New Town Engagement Session_5073

Forest Park Engagement Session Nicole Christian_0024

Centennial Park Engagement_1886

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Fall Saint Louis Engagement Session_1169

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Saint Charles Engagement Session_1185

Saint Peters MO Engagement Session_5351

The Muny Winter Engagement Session

Centennial Park Engagement_1893

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Picnic Island Forest Park Engagement Session_1311

New Town Engagement Session_5079

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New Town Engagement Session_5057

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New Town Engagement Session_5051

Nashville Engagement Photographer

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New Town Engagement Session_5069

St Louis Engagement Photography Forest Park_1000

Nashville Engagement Photographer


Engagement sessions are the best! They are a great way to get to know me as a photographer, my shooting style and to also get more comfortable being in front of the camera. Most of all, I want these sessions to be fun! They are low stress, and it’s the perfect place to do a trial run on your hair and make-up. Sometimes we are limited on how much time we get for bride and groom portraits on a wedding day, and an engagement session lets you have plenty of pretty photos of yourself!

One of my brides said: “Never in my life did I think I would enjoy staring at pictures of me, but honestly I could look at these forever!”

Centennial Park Engagement: Dana & Bo
Forest Park Engagement Session: Jody and Harkaran
Percy Warner Park Engagement
Forest Park Engagement: Christian & Nicole
Lindenwood University Engagement: Jamie & Sean
Nashville Engagement: Dana & Ryan
Nashville Union Station Engagement: Jennifer & William
Tower Grove Engagement: Ethan & Julia
St. Charles Christmas Engagement: Samantha & Kalin
Forest Park Engagement: Korri & Nick
Arroyo Verde Park Engagement Session – Ventura, CA
Forest Park Engagement: Hilary & Cody
Percy Warner Park Engagement: Ashley & Hayden
Fall Engagement Session: Jill & Josh
St. Charles, Missouri Engagement Session: Kelsey & Darren
Fall Engagement Session at the Muny: Mariel & Tom
Winter Engagement: Lindsay & Ryan
Downtown St. Louis Engagement: Eric & Katie