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Nashville Family Photographer
Brother and Sister Photography


I love photographing family sessions and portraits. There's nothing sweeter than capturing precious moments that you'll want to cherish forever. Life goes by fast, and documenting life gives me so much joy. Whether you're looking for a portrait session or a traditional posed family session or a lifestyle session (which documents the natural moments that unfold between your family), I love capturing them all.

My style of photography is bright, colorful, and authentic. I love natural smiles and true and genuine laughter and love shared by everyone in your family. I strive to make each portrait session unique and fun. My goal is to bring out your personality in photographs you can treasure for a lifetime.

Zoe Life Photography is a Nashville and St. Louis family photographer, specializing in natural light and on-location portraits. I also offer newborn and maternity sessions, senior photography, and portrait sessions.

I’d love to hear from you. Contact me at [email protected]

St. Louis Family Photographer

All of my portrait sessions include the sitting fee; time and talent of the photographer; and editing and retouching of the images; high, resolution, non-watermarked photographs; 100+ edited images for every hour I’m shooting; an online gallery where you download your photos and order professional prints, and a print release.

You may have unlimited people, unlimited outfit changes, and unlimited locations within the time period you choose.

Saint Louis family Photographer
St. Louis Family Photographer

Full Session (60 minutes)

• 1 hour
• 100+ edited images
• online gallery
• print release

Full photo sessions can be on location outside, or lifestyle style in your home.

Saint Louis family Photographer

Half Session (30 Minutes)

• 30 minutes
• 50+ edited images
• online gallery
• print release

Half sessions can be lifestyle/documentary style in your home (with some poses) or on location outside.

Nashville Family Photographer

Mini Session (15 Minutes)

• 15 minutes
• 25+ edited images
• online gallery
• print release

On location outside only.
(Limited availability - I only shoot Mini Sessions a few times a year)

Saint Louis Family and Baby Photographer


Your sweet newborn is only going to be this little for so long. Document his or her first weeks of life with a lifestyle newborn session at home. Or wait a few months and capture his or her baby session. Life is worth remembering!

Zoe Life Photography offers lifestyle newborn and baby sessions at home, or on-location outside (such as a park). I love capturing sweet newborn and baby portraits, as well as family photos with parents and older siblings, furbabies, and grandparents.

The investment for newborn and baby photography starts at $225. To learn more, visit our baby photography investment page.


To book a family session (or portrait session), for new clients, I require a $25 non-refundable deposit to book/secure your session.

If you are a returning client, no deposit is necessary.

The remaining balance is due at the time of your session. If you wish to make small payments over time, I offer payment plans.

Rescheduling: If we are planning to shoot outside and weather is bad and we need to reschedule for another day, not a problem at all. You may also reschedule for illness or other reasons. I am flexible and happy to reschedule.

Nashville Family Photographer
Nashville Family Photography
Nashville, TN Family Photography


• 25 prints (4x6) - $75
• 25 prints (5x7) - $85

• Slide Image Box with USB and 25 prints (4x6) - $225
• Slide Image Box with USB and 25 prints (5x7) - $250

• 5x5 Signature Photo Book, 15 spreads - $200
• 10x10 Signature Photo Book, 15 spreads - $375

• 5x7 Image Folio - $125
• 8x8 Image Folio - $150

Other printed products available. Inquire for more information.

Nashville Family Photographer
Nashville Family Photographer
Nashville Family Photographer
Nashville Family Session
Nashville Family Photographer
Nashville Family Photography
Nashville Family Photographer