Bride and Groom Indoor Portrait

Irene & Evan’s Glen Oaks Golf Course Michigan Wedding (Video Slideshow)

I had the honor of photographing Irene and Evan’s stunning Michigan wedding earlier this month. They were married at the Glen Oaks Golf Course in Farmington, Michigan – a suburb outside of Detroit, surrounded by friends and family from all over. Evan’s family from Michigan and Irene’s parents and friends (who flew in from China) came to celebrate their their perfect day. I loved documenting every second of their Jewish-Chinese wedding. Enjoy this video slideshow of their wedding. Full blog post to follow in the next few weeks.

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  1. You truly know how to catch moments of pure emotion and create these photos into real memories, not just typical wedding photos. I love the bride’s dresses and how emotional the whole ceremony was. You did an outstanding job. It seemed like all of the guests enjoyed this love celebration who respected both traditions equally. Excellent job!


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