Saint Louis, MO Wedding Photography

My Day Off in Missouri Wine Country

I have shot back-to-back weddings every weekend (sometimes two in one weekend) since the start of April. Throw into the mix all the engagement sessions and portrait sessions that I also shoot, it’s been a very busy and hectic wedding season! I am so grateful for my amazing clients and the most beautiful brides (inside and out) for helping make 2016 an awesome year!

Today was my first Saturday off in two months, and it was amazing to be able to rest and relax with my friends! I spent the day in Missouri Wine Country – in Augusta, MO to be precise, sipping wine and enjoying the company of my closest friends.

Montelle Winery has the most amazing view and seriously delicious wines! The first 5 wine samples are free, so my friend, Daniel and I took full advantage and came to the table with these two delicious wines!


Saint Louis, MO Wedding Photography

Saint Louis, MO Wedding Photography

This is one of my second shooters, Kathleen. She is an amazing friend and wonderful second shooter at my weddings here in Saint Louis, Missouri. The weather was fabulous, and we enjoyed catching up and relaxing in Missouri wine country.

Saint Louis, MO Wedding Photography

Saint Louis, MO Wedding Photography


Cheers to a fabulous weekend, everyone!

Tomorrow, I’m back at work with a baby session and editing all those amazing weddings I’ve shot in the past month! The next three weekends are full of weddings, consultations and portrait sessions … and a destination wedding in Michigan! I can’t wait!

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