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Nashville Family Photographer
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Newborn & Baby Photographer in St. Louis and Nashville

I absolutely love photographing newborns and babies. It fills my heart with joy, and I love that these photographs will be cherished for years to come. I'm an on-location photographer, so I photograph newborns at home, or at an outside location. At home sessions are my favorites because it helps new parents feel more relaxed to be home. I love capturing sweet newborn portraits, as well as relaxed family photos with parents, siblings, your furbabies, and the entire family.

Nashville Newborn Baby Photographer


I love photographing newborn babies. As a mom myself (I’m mommy to a young toddler), there’s nothing more precious than having photographs of your new baby to cherish forever. Babies grow fast, and having these beautiful images to look back on is the most special thing. I will always cherish my own son’s newborn portraits.

My most popular package is my Newborn At Home sessions. I will come to your home, capture beautiful images of your new baby, as well as take family photos.