St. Louis Family Session

St. Charles Family Session: The Wolk Family

I have so much joy photographing family sessions, like this St. Charles, MO family photo session from last summer. Children are unpredictable, especially if they're under twelve. Sometimes they smile and act goofy, and it's a grand ole time. Other times, they spend the entire hour not wanting to smile at all. It can be challenging, but for me, as a photographer, it's fun to try to get the kids to open up and trust me.

This St. Charles family session was a little bit of both. The little boy didn't want to smile, but eventually he opened up and I was able to capture some of his personality.

Also, ice cream family sessions are SO FUN for me. Kids love the cones, and there's something so special about ice cream and summer. It just makes childhood magical.

Enjoy some of my favorites from this Missouri Family Session.

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