St. Louis Proposal Photographer

St. Louis Surprise Proposal: Jeremy and Taylor

I absolutely LOVE this St. Louis surprise proposal that I photographed last summer, and I am so excited to share it with you. Jeremy and Taylor are long-distance. He lives in California, and she in STL. He flew all the way from Cali to surprise his beautiful girlfriend at the Grand Basin in Forest Park, where her best friend and she were taking a "walk" to hang out at the park. I hid in the bushes and photographed her reaction when she saw him. It was so sweet! He didn't tell her that he was coming to visit, which made the surprise even more special.

I love shooting St. Louis proposals because I love capturing the big reactions when the proposal came. Taylor knew something was up because Jeremy hadn't FaceTimed her the night before, and I guess he was acting suspicious. I always think its cute when your surprise is not really a surprise, but you love it anyway!

Congratulations to Jeremy and Taylor. May you have the best wedding!

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