Surprise St. Louis Proposal

Surprise Proposal in Downtown St. Louis: Ashtyn and Matt

Ashtyn and Matt are such a dream couple to work with, and their surprise St. Louis proposal at Kiener Plaza couldn't have been more special.

These two had actually already booked me me for their 2021 wedding, but they weren't officially engaged yet. Matt called me out of the blue one afternoon. The engagement ring had come, and he wanted to propose to Ashtyn during her lunch break. She works downtown, so the setting couldn't have been more picturesque. Kiener Plaza faces the old Courthouse and the St. Louis arch behind it. It was a perfect spot. I was to hide behind some trees and a bench, so that she couldn't see me. I came out to take photos, as soon as he started to propose.

The proposal did come with one hitch that we didn't expect - the sprinklers on the grass at Kiener Plaza went off at noon. The exact time that Matt proposed to Ashtyn. It was kinda funny, and in a way, it made the surprise St. Louis proposal even more fun.

We did do another stage photo later on the sidewalk, but I think their actual-in-the-moment when the sprinklers went off was JUST THE BEST.

After the proposal, we captured some photos near Citygarden. And a week later, we had the best at-home engagement session at their house in the Hill.

Enjoy their surprise St. Louis proposal. These make me so happy!

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